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We care about your opinion and we're always striving to improve care for our patients. Please email us with any comments or concerns you would like to share.

It helps a lot if you give specific examples with your comments. Non-specific comments are not only disappointing to receive but are impossible to act upon. If for some reason you would like to change the way we interact with patients, we need to know who your encounter was with, why it was or wasn't good, and what you want done differently. We look forward to hearing from you!



Help us to improve your experience with us by filling out the following information:

Parent's Name:

When was your appointment?

What office was the patient seen at?

What type of appointment was it?

Who did your child see?

Who checked you in?

How long did you wait in the waiting room? (in minutes)

How long did you wait in the exam room? (in minutes)

When you arrived, where you greeted quickly?


Was the receptionist friendly?


Did the receptionist ask for your insurance card?


Did the recptionist review/update your contact information?


Did the receptionist collect your co-pay?


Was there enough seating in the waiting room?


Did your nurse identify themselves?


Did your nurse take all your vital signs except weight?


Did your nurse review a list of medications your child is taking?


Did your nurse review all your childs allergies?


Did your nurse ask you the reason for your visit?


Did your nurse ask the accompanying adult their first name and relationship to the patient?


Did your nurse seem welcoming and friendly?


Do you have any addition comments to make about your experience?